Hello My World

Hello folks,

I am Khorchani Moez, a software engineer and a Tech Java Lead.

A am someone that loves the IT, all fields included. I am a professional Java developer, with special interest on performance, code quality and IT security.

I was part of a white hacker group, with deep skills on web security and auditing. I always have some side projects to hack something, I also design and train ML and DL models, I can write code in Python, Rust, Golang … I am interested on the IoT fields, I have some decent, self-build, hacks on my home, every thing controlled by a raspberri pi, holding dozen of docker containers …

Oh, I like video games, especially FPS that pumps adrenaline and stress, under which I need to take best decisions.

If you need more infos about my curriculum, please go check my website : https://cv.khorchani.fr.

Welcome to my blog, and have a good day,