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Host all your applications in one server

... like a PRO

Hello, I own a VPS and like to use it to host my all side projects, including my tool applications that I host by myself. I use docker to host my application servers since for me it is a no-brainer, quick and simple solution. I used to manually set up a reverse proxy (nginx) that negotiates the SSL connection and forward the request to the good application server. The certificate is generated using Let’s Encrypt, with their certbot tool. [Read More]

I am switching to Rust

Hello folks, As some of you already know me, I’ve been on the long run with java. Early this year, I saw the vibes on the Rust programming language, and gave myself some time learning it to try to judge it from my (critical ?) point of view. Guys, from the beginning there was something that felt good with it. I felt like learning programming again from the ground up. [Read More]

How does NodeJs work

... running JavaScript in the backend ?

Javascript is a language that came to the world to help the web running code on the client devices. Along with HTML & CSS, we were able to use javascript to program a very advanced behaviour that we can defer its execution on the client side, in a ligthweight web architecture. Now javascript runs some very complex framework that can make complete Single Page Applications and leveraging core functionalities to do more on the client’s devices, even with offline access. [Read More]


... The Game Changer

It has been a while since stable Java 17 was released. Besides the new syntax sexyness, many online benchmarks has been showing a great improvement on performance either on the language’s internals or in the Garbage collectors. Some online benshmarks shows a 8% out of the box improvement between JDK v11 (the last LTS) and v17. From the GC side, all has been significally improved. A performant GC is one of the main keys for a fast java program. [Read More]

Collecting Garbage in Java

Java is the most popular used language in the world, and also the pretty most language that people reproach performance, due to the use of GC. GC is the acronym of Garbage collector, the system that, at runtime, scans for unused heap space, and reclaims it back to the system to avoid memory leaks and overflow. Along with the runtime overhead generated by a side algorithm running with your application, the most penalizing characteristic of GCs is its VM pauses. [Read More]

Memory management strategies

... And why Rust is a thing ?

I am a Java developer, and I know the main benefits and drawbacks of using such a language in developing critical secure and safe applications. The main thing that every one approches Java is its GC (aka Garbage collector). It was from the first languages that proposed automatic memory management out of the box. There are many other languages that uses GCs, Javascript, Golang, python … Before Rust, there where only two strategies for languages to handle memory management. [Read More]

The IT and the Hype flow

... or why the heck ?

The IT ecosystem is always moving forward, and very quickly. I like the pace within new technologies emerges, I enjoy it when I discover new things, and then get my hands dirty to try to play with it and see what it solves. Although, with the professional experience, I’ve noticed some bizarre thing about this phenomenon: The HYPE ! Each time we see some an Unicorn doing something we already do but differently, it pumps its propaganda about it, and we then start seeing everyone panic and follow. [Read More]

Hello My World

Hello folks, I am Khorchani Moez, a software engineer and a Tech Java Lead. A am someone that loves the IT, all fields included. I am a professional Java developer, with special interest on performance, code quality and IT security. I was part of a white hacker group, with deep skills on web security and auditing. I always have some side projects to hack something, I also design and train ML and DL models, I can write code in Python, Rust, Golang … I am interested on the IoT fields, I have some decent, self-build, hacks on my home, every thing controlled by a raspberri pi, holding dozen of docker containers … [Read More]